Thursday, May 24, 2007

Updated list of needed items

During the visit to Beddawi camp, a list was put together with the help of volunteers and doctors from the camp, and we need need help supplying them. The camp and refugees are in urgent need of these items, so please consider donating in kind or money to buy them. Drop-offs can be made at Helem center, Zicco house, Spear's St. Click here for a map.

List of Medications:

  • Diteopan: 12pcs
  • Hydraxa500: 18pcs
  • Trentol400: 30pcs
  • Nootropil800: 30pcs
  • Omeprazal 20: 60pcs
  • Lonzoprazal 30: 30pcs
  • Ventolin lyp: 30pcs
  • Ventolin spray: 30pcs
  • Roniticlein tablets: 30pcs
  • Dilatrend crvedilol 6.25mg: 10pcs
Urgent Necessities:
  • Mattresses, pillows, bed covers and Hygiene supplies: 500 families
  • Food and water: 3000+ families
  • Milk: 2 tons
  • Diapers: 200 bags
  • Sanitary napkins: 500 boxes
  • Soap, towels, garbage bags: as many as possible

Supplies for the Disabled:
  • Water mattresses: 20
  • wheel chairs: 30
  • Walker: 20
  • Crutches: 100

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